NMMC Openings 2023

NMMC Openings 2023: मुंबईतील नवी मुंबई महानगरपालिकेत दर्जाच्या वैद्यकीय अधिकाऱ्यांच्या 15 रिक्त जागांच्या भरतीसाठी पात्र उमेदवारांनी मुलाखतीसाठी हजर राहावे असा निर्धारण केला आहे. हे पदानुसार पात्र असलेल्या उमेदवारांच्या संख्येकरीता मुलाखतींची आयोजने केली गेली आहे. ह्या मुलाखतीची तारीख 21 जून 2023 आहे.

NMMC Openings 2023

नवी मुंबई महानगरपालिकेत वैद्यकीय अधिकारी पदांच्या एकूण 15 रिक्त जागा भरण्याच्या विज्ञापनानुसार, शैक्षणिक पात्रता प्रमाणेनुसार पात्र असणाऱ्या उमेदवारांकरिता मुलाखती आयोजित केली जाईल. या पदांची मुलाखती 21 जून 2023 रोजी आयोजित केली जाईल. मुलाखतीचा पत्ता वैद्यकीय आरोग्य अधिकारी, आरोग्य विभाग, तिसरा मजला, से.15 ऐ, नवी मुंबई महानगरपालिका, सीबीडी बेलापूर, नवी मुंबई 400614 आहे. उमेदवारांनी मुलाखतीकरिता सध्याच्या अधिसूचनेनुसार हजर राहावे.

NMMC Vacancy 2023

पदाचे नावपद संख्या 
वैद्यकीय अधिकारी15 पदे

Educational Qualification for NMMC Openings 2023

पदाचे नावशैक्षणिक पात्रता
वैद्यकीय अधिकारी  एम.बी.बी.एस.

Salary Details For NMMC Bharti 2023

पदाचे नाववेतनश्रेणी
 वैद्यकीय अधिकारी  30,000/-

Selection Process of NMMC

या भरतीसाठीची निवड प्रक्रिया मुलाखतीद्वारे संपली जाईल.

या पदांसाठी मुलाखतीची तारीख 21 जून 2023 आहे.

उमेदवारांनी 5 वाजेपर्यंतच्या मुलाखतीसाठी दिलेल्या पत्यावर हजर राहावे.

उमेदवारांनी आवश्यक सर्व मूळ प्रमाणपत्रांसह मुलाखतीला उपस्थित रहावे.

अधिक माहितीसाठी कृपया दिलेल्या PDF जाहिराताचा दृश्य पहा.

Vacancy details 2023

  • पदाचे नाव – वैद्यकीय अधिकारी
  • पद संख्या – 15 जागा
  • शैक्षणिक पात्रता – शैक्षणिक पात्रता पदांच्या आवश्यकतेनुसार आहे. (मूळ जाहिरात वाचावी)
  • नोकरी ठिकाण – नवी मुंबई
  • निवड प्रक्रिया – मुलाखत
  • मुलाखतीचा पत्ता –  वैद्यकीय आरोग्य अधिकारी, आरोग्य विभाग, तिसरा मजला, से.15 ऐ, नवी मुंबई महानगरपालिका, सीबीडी बेलापूर, नवी मुंबई 400614
  • मुलाखतीची तारीख –21 जून 2023
  • अधिकृत वेबसाईट – www.nmmc.gov.in

Vacancy 2023

The 29 primary teachers in the education department of NMMC have been promoted to the position of principal. Additionally, 372 vacancies for primary and secondary teachers will be filled after obtaining approval in the general meeting. The Industries Minister, Uday Samant, shared this information during the Legislative Council session on Wednesday. Until then, these positions will be filled through an external system. For more information regarding NMMC Recruitment 2023, NMMC Teacher Recruitment 2023, and Navi Mumbai Teacher Recruitment 2023, please refer to the details below.

Navi Mumbai Mahanagarpalika Update 2023

The municipal administration of NMMC Corporation has initiated the recruitment process for various positions such as Assistant Commissioner, Clerk, Senior Clerk, etc. However, despite the Municipal Development Department’s request to either appoint an independent third-party institution for recruitment or recruit candidates through the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC), the government has neglected the proposal for almost a year.

The municipal administration currently has a total of 5 government positions, out of which 4 have been filled, and there are still 3 vacancies remaining. As several officers and employees will be retiring in the coming years, there is a concern regarding the shortage of senior officers to take charge of the municipality.

Vacancy details for 2023 are as follows:

•             Post Name: Medical Officer

•             Number of Positions: 15 vacancies

•             Qualification: The educational qualifications are as per the requirements of the respective position. (Please refer to the original advertisement for details)

•             Job Location: Navi Mumbai

•             Selection Process: Interview

•             Address for the Interview: Medical Officer, Health Department, 3rd Floor, Room No. 15A, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614

•             Interview Date: 21st June 2023

NMMC Details are as follows:

The qualification requirements for this position will be determined based on the specific needs of the role, and interested candidates are advised to carefully review the original advertisement for complete details.

The job location for these positions is in the vibrant city of Navi Mumbai, offering a fantastic work environment. The selection process for these vacancies will involve conducting interviews to assess the suitability of the applicants.

Applicants are requested to make sure they are well-prepared and bring all the necessary original educational documents along with them to the interview. The interview for the Medical Officer position will take place on the 21st of June 2023.

Candidates are encouraged to mark this date on their calendars and ensure their presence at the designated address: Medical Officer, Health Department, 3rd Floor, Room No. 15A, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring Medical Officers to join the prestigious Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and contribute to the healthcare sector.

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